Clipping 03: Distrito Oficina (Spain)

July 10, 2017

We can now enjoy the second issue of Distritooficina!
With our fresh and restless Biel wastepaper basket by Ximo Roca Diseñothe more natural aesthetics offered by the Bamboo acoustic panels of Stone Designs and once again with the groundbreaking and changing Albury storeroom from Drop Innovationwe are present in their new issue.

Distritooficina offers a point of view on various aspects of the workplaces culture. It aims to provide solutions and ideas to both the professional and student world, making it easy to read both digitally and in print.

The most current trends in office equipment are perceived in Distritooficina with an understanding design language, an elegant and orderly editorial presentation, and with many design proposals that will not leave you indifferent.

Thank you for your trust!

02Clipping 03.jpg

Thank you for your trust!

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