About us

made design

Our Mission

With the aim of promoting recycling, reducing noise by providing acoustic comfort and, at the same time, creating pieces with an authentic design, we want to turn everyday spaces into spaces with character and that inspire us to give the best of ourselves with every detail.

Objective 01

At the beginning. At that instant, that precise moment, when the pencil creates the first point, when pencil touches paper, from then on it accelerates, turns, goes in a straight line, turns again, pirouettes, changes its meaning, a double somersault and voilà!
Therefore, our designers start designing our products with people in mind and give them that special touch that fuses form and function.

That’s what we do, we design.

Objective 02

We generate an excessive amount of waste and one of the ways we can help the environment is with our recycling stations and garbage cans to facilitate waste separation, promote recycling and at the same time, create pieces with an authentic design, adding character and aesthetics integrated into your environment. The planet needs help; recycling is no longer optional.

Objective 03

Conversations, phone calls, ambient noise, we live surrounded by noise that prevents us from concentrating at work, in a hotel, a restaurant, etc. Paying attention to this is when we decide to create products that help reduce noise, and creating spaces that allow us to enjoy one of the most beautiful sounds in the world: silence.

Objective 04

We have many requests to customize our products and integrate them with the corporate image of your company; be it a specific color, logo insertion, size modification, format changes to adapt to the specific needs of your cleaning equipment, etc.

This is our way of making our products even more unique.

Our history

Made Design was born in 2010 as a brand of decorative design accessories to meet different needs in work environments, public spaces or even habitat with a common denominator: to keep all these spaces tidy.

All our solutions have been created by renowned designers, which has become our greatest added value. Recycling systems, coat racks, design boards or lecterns are some of the best-selling designs in more than 50 countries.

Made Design is part of the Planning Sisplamo group, a company with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing and distributing office and community equipment and accessories.

In 2019, Made Design presents a new brand identity, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and creativity. 

However, its evolution does not stop there. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, it has continued to focus on the development and constant improvement of its products. 

Through adversity, he has demonstrated his resilience and dedication to providing solutions that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also add value and enrich the projects in which he participates.

We hope you enjoy our designs!