Opt for design in your renovations

February 6, 2019

Some Spanish homes and businesses have been stuck in the past for years. These places, nostalgic and cozy, are decorated with pieces of furniture and decoration that would be worth a fortune in an antique shop. This style, while classic and charming, may be a bit outdated for the needs of today’s people.

Current trends are for clear, rectilinear, minimalist designs and furnishings that turn the space into a place full of light, that transmit peace and order but without renouncing creativity and touches of color to highlight the best aspects of the place. All this is done without forgetting the personalization of the space.

More and more objects can be customized, with engravings, accessories… and although it was done with small-scale products and especially technology, such as cell phones or computers, customization is reaching the business and home in the form of unique and personalized furniture for the customer.

Opt for design in your renovations.jpg

Renew or die

Renovating a home is something that is not done so often, this is because it is thought to be a long, expensive and complicated process. But renovating can be done from a single room or even just a renovation of furniture or decorative style, in a simple and economical way.

For companies, on the other hand, regular space renovations are more important. A business is, if all goes well, in constant growth even if it does not happen overnight. With this growth, depending on the type of business, comes new needs that can mean more employees, more premises, more offices…

In addition to renovation needs due to expansions, a change of brand image is also refreshing and for a company, the customization of its style, furniture and decoration are a sign of cohesion of the brand, as a concept, with its physical spaces and to do this, comparing different decoration possibilities on a regular basis, is the best option.

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